Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Archery Practice

When time permits we head to Fin & Feather or the Johnson County Archer's range for some practice.  I can't say we've done as much of it as I would like, but we are still improving.  Some of us more than others.
He will be 16 on the 4th and so I decided to add both the boys to the family membership this year, just in case all my thinking the other day pans out.

He was aiming for the center of each target.  

Sunday, July 23, 2017

More Brewing

We stalled out a little on the brewing front because Morcant had some business trips but we are up and running again with a new batch of ale and this is our second batch of cherry mead. We rushed sampling the first batch, but it was pretty dry even for us.  We are thinking that for this batch we are going to add some more of our homemade cherry syrup to a secondary ferment.

This red ale is by far the prettiest color we've brewed.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Gearing up Again?

A while ago there was some hubbub about members who aren't able to get to events on some Facebook page, and it made me feel a little sad.  I don’t feel like part of the group, but I do think that we are keeping up with stuff around here so that we will be able to jump in when it works for us.

I focus on being happy with what we are doing instead of worrying about what we aren't doing.  A lot of this doubles as work for me and I get to drink a lot of good booze, right? 

I do feel badly that I have a perfectly good canvas tent sitting around going to waste, so on occasion we loan it out.  Morcant’s  back has been giving him problems this summer, so the boys helped him load it up, and one  went with him to help him set it up for the bride.

Watching all of that,  I realized I have two  pretty capable young men, so maybe we aren’t quite as incapacitated by Morgant’s travel schedule as we once were.  With that in mind when I re-up our membership for the year, I think I will add the boys as family members.   And maybe have some practice settings putting up the tent without Morcant.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cherry Melomel

We wanted to start a brew with something we had grown ourselves this time, but it was a little early for our cherries.  We decided to us some cherry juice that we canned in the garden last year. So once again, we have sugar in the mix, but honestly I don't particularly mind this when we are using fruit because that is the flavor I am looking for in the final mix.   So this has been fermenting for a couple of months now and we are bottling it up.  I am sure we will cheat and drink some early,  but we are going to try to be more patient.   If this turns out well, there will be a lot of cherry mead in our future, because I have a lot of juice that needs to be used up.

We racked and bottled 10-22 ounce bottles of this today.