Music and Dance

 Habeas Corpus.
We are a  family that loves music so that will definitely be a focus for our learning.  That's how we first became acquainted with some members of our shire.My daughter and I have been , performing with a group that dances at Renaissance Faires and other local festivals.   Most of our dancing has been limited to English Country dances many  of which are so "new" as to be out-of-period for the SCA.   I think they will always be my first love. I do love a well-staged, Jane Austen ball. For the SCA,  we need to work on learning the older Italian and French dances.

    Gaelic Storm and  Geneviève 
Due to our real life shenanigans,  we know a bit of Irish dance, too.    Geneviève performs with an Irish dance group here in Iowa City.  She's had a fairly busy month.  Along with the normal St. Patrick's Day madness, they performed with Gaelic Storm,  The Chieftains and Lúnasa. She picked a French persona, because she wanted to do something different for her SCA persona than real life.  LOL   Now she is thinking that her SCA persona may have to take up a secret life running with the Celts and pirates at Faires.

As far as instruments go, we are fairly new to playing.  Last fall, I pulled the old recorder out of the attic (actually, it was still in my mother's attic, if that gives you any clue how long it has been around) and was determined to pick it up again.   I played the oboe when I was in school, so I was thinking it wouldn't take long.   I play the tin whistle, but that is certainly not period.    Let's just say that practice time is a rare commodity around here, and it is not progressing as quickly as I would like.

Morcant plays the piano and the upright bass.  Neither of which travels very well.  So he is borrowing our son's mandolin and working up some songs on that.  I am jealous of how quickly this is going for him.    Once we are able to play some selections,  Geneviève wants to work on learning the lyrics to some of the songs so that she can sing.


  1. Good Eve M'Lady Segnat,
    I have just found you, your pins, and now your blog. I'm Kathy but in SCA terms, I am Caissene ingen Fhaelain, (12th C, Celtic Irish, from the Kingdom of Connecht/Mayo & Clare counties) from the SCA Kingdom of Atlantia, Barony of Hidden Mountain. The name is amazing!!!!! And I love the info you've left here. I'm very new to SCA, a year and half. I will be reading ALL of it. Please tell me what period you are, looks 14th from your Pins. Hope I'm not bothering you, but just had to say hello. Find me on Pinterest or Facebook, Kathy Fletcher.

  2. I am new to the whole thing,too. You are further along than I, I don't even have my AOA.

    I would like for my persona to be more early period. However when dancing at the Ren Faires, my costumes need to be closer to that period. So my persona is probably going to be a bit of a time traveler. I might end up settling for something a bit more modern. Early Period is difficult.

    I also, have a sixteen-year-old who decided she wants to be 14th Century French so I am pinning for both of us.

  3. 14th c. French sounds expensive. i too will time travel. i love the casualness of 12th (before bliauts) but love the look of kirtles with are 14 c. So will depend on the occasion. I am joining a household, i think, but my knight is Persian. don't know WHAT that means......


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