About Me

I started this blog when my family and I first got involved in the SCA locally, but due to Morcant's insane work-travel and the fact that I was finally heading back-to-school to finish my degree,  the time just wasn't right for us. (Do you know that if you spend more than six months in New York a year, you have to pay income taxes in both New York and Iowa?  We found that out in 2013.) 

So that is my excuse as to why I haven't put much effort into this blog.  The attempt was still fruitful.  I remembered how much I loved history and decided to pick up a double major.  I managed to take advantage of my academic access long enough to get at a lot more period documentation which I know have stashed in my Zotero.

My primary area of focus in medieval studies is how people interacted with plants. This might involve growing them, eating them, brewing with them or using them in period medicinal preparations.

I've had a few people tell me that studying physick and herbal preparation isn't very common in the society and that I will have a hard time finding someone to study under or are worried that herbs are dangerous.  I am not particularly worried about that.

I am a professional herbal educator and consultant in real life. (Yes, that's actually a thing.) I've been at it for over 20 years, now.  Interestingly enough, I  actually got my start at it that career when I was young and running around with a long since disbanded SCA group in the Dubuque area.

 I am also fairly knowledgeable in various historical healing modalities. One of my favorite subjects - one I am kind of considered an expert on- are the lady experimenters of the late 15th and early 16th century.

In addition to teaching  herbal self-care classes at Kirkwood Community College and other local venues, I teach at mundane conferences all over the country including the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference , the American Herbalist's Guild Symposium, Traditions in Western Herbalism, and the Good Medicine Confluence. I am an associate academy educator at the Herbal Academy of  New England, and I write articles for several herb magazines including The Essential Herbal Magazine, Plant Healer Magazine, Natural Herbal Living Magazine and the Herbal Academy's Herbarium.

Please understand that if I mention herbs  or you see me  using  herbal preparations at an event,  I am not necessarily playing at period practices.My use of herbs is part of my everyday life.  I grow most of my own herbs and make most of my own preparations.   Some uses are period, some are not.  I have strewing herbs under my appliances and an entire herbal apothecary in my home. If I mention that that I have an apprentice, it is because I often have real-life apprentices helping me out.

I have plenty of resources in my home that inform me as to an herb's safety and possible interactions with pharmaceuticals.  I promise, I am a safety gal.