Herbalism Disclaimer

This is put here by way of explanation, for those who don't know me.  I've had a few people tell me that herbalism isn't very common in the society and that I will have a hard time finding someone to study under and so on...     I guess I thought I would throw this up to explain who I am in real life.   Please understand that if I mention herbalism or you see me  using  herbal preparations at an event,  I am not playing at period herbalism and I haven't gone off some newbie deep end.    I was off the deep end years and years before I  thought of playing with the SCA.

I am an herbalist.  I've been studying and practicing herbalism for almost 2o years now.  I actually got my start at it running around at renn faires.  My use of herbs is part of my everyday life. Some are period, some are not. I am just beginning to sort that out.  I tend to think I could make a case for most herbs that I use,  but that is because I am a traditional western herbalist.  I have strewing herbs under my appliances, tinctures on my shelves and an entire herbal apothecary in my home.   I grow most of my own herbs and make most of my own preparations.   If  I mention an apprentice to you (either in person or here, on my blog),  it is because I have a few  in real life.

My Mundane Training

Goddard College Health Arts and Sciences  -  BA HAS

At Goddard,  I studied clinical herbalism,but also pursued ethnobotanical studies with a focus on ancient and medieval healing practices in Ireland, Scotland and England.

Scott Community College -
AS Honors  Biology and Nutrition

Teaching Experience
In addition to teaching at our community college and other local venues, I present at mundane conferences all over the country including the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference , the  American Herbalist's Guild Symposium and Traditions in Western Herbalism.  I am an associate academy educator at the Herbal Academy of  New England.   This year (2016)  I will be the keynote speaker at the Midwest Herb Fest and teaching at Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.  I am also the event manager of that conference.  I  write articles for herb magazines including The Essential Herbal Magazine, Plant Healer Magazine and Natural Herbal Living Magazine.

Here I am at dinner with presenters from the TWHC in 2011.  That is me, on the left between Todd Caldecott and Christa Sinadinos and across from Kiva Rose.


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