Geneviève and I attended a Heraldry workshop on Sunday.   Heralds help folk to come up with documentation for their personas' names and to design their devices which look to most people to be a coat-of-arms.  There is quite the list of rules to follow concerning heraldry, so we  are lucky to have experienced members to guide us through the process.   Thanks to help from our shire's herald  Rohese,  our names have been turned in for registration so Geneviève  and I each worked to design our own "device" which will be used as identification.    Geneviève likened it to making our own logo and was able to sketch out some ideas pretty quickly.   
The heralds recommended a good website. It is called the Pennsic Traceable Art Project and it is a nice place to begin for those who don't draw so well or who want to look for ideas for designs. Aritê offered to draw up a tree for me and I think I will take her up on it, as I have a particular look in mind. I am still struggling with some design elements. I really don't want to be trite by using Celtic knots on my device. On the other hand, there is a triquetra in the traceable art pages and it would match my tattoo, so I am torn. My original idea is to do crescents across the top but I am not certain now. Having more than one "moon" on the top makes me want to do the phases and that is not so much done. I feel like spirals similar to those at Newgrange would be more period for my persona, because Celtic knots came in a much later period.  I will figure it all out and then scan a copy of my final item before I submit it.