Melon Wars

Our shire ran the Inn, yesterday. 
We finally made it to our first event...  At least  Geneviève and I made it for a daytrip.   Due to a wet, cold snap in the weather and not being as prepared as I would like for cool weather,  Morgant gallantly offered to stay at home with the boys.    I think that it was probably better for me because I was able to get my bearings without the stress of having to deal with wet, whiny little ones.   In retrospect they would have been fine.  The lodge had a giant woodstove burning in the corner and it was warm and cozy.   The steward had such a pile of games that I wouldn't have even needed to haul mine along.  There were so many things that would have kept them busy that I needn't have worried about it at all. 

It went well.  I made scones and lemon curd for the Inn and they seemed to be well-received.  The meat pie recipe that Verena, Aemilia, and Dirk  taught us to make on  the Thursday evening before the event was amazing.  I am definitely going to have to make those, sometime.  I was thinking they would be nice to make ahead for the next event.

  Geneviève working on her very first preprint. 
 We did some painting on preprints. Geneviève really took to this work.  She has a far more steady hand than I do.    She completed her first preprint yesterday and is wanting to find some more to work on.   She also competed in the Pétanque (Bocce for those people who haven't been brainwashed by their French teacher) tournament and had great fun.  I am thinking that we will have to add that to the list of games to pack for the next event. 
I tried a preprint bookmark, and consulted with Rohese on the ideas I have for my device.  For the most part, though, I just wandered, chatting with people and taking in information.   

The scribes of the day, including Geneviève,  received a token from the queen.