Gear of War 2012

My lord, Morcant, and son by our tent.
I can post this now because we  managed to make it to Gear of War and we've an official starting point as far as our camp is concerned. We camped both nights and it was fantastic fun. Thanks to all the Deodar folk.

I went to some interesting classes, sang some songs, taught a small class on the ECD dances , socialized and went to a magnificent feast.  There were some very kind gentles there who helped out the "new kids"  and I am very grateful for the welcome.

I observed one of the weaving classes and again, I thinking that an inkle loom might be in my future. Lady Verena wove me a beautiful belt and I am so grateful because having a proper belt was one of the things holding me back from making myself a couple of simple tunics.   My late period garb is perfectly nice for dancing, but I am looking forward to making some  lighter and more comfortable early period outfits.

Another thing we have to work on is making some benches and chairs.  It isn't because I am insanely hung up on details, (although my family might offer you a different outlook) but camp chairs do not work with my big garb.  The only chair that  we had that didn't have arms broke while I was sitting on it.   I was helping Trapolin put some Queen of Hungary's liniment on some itchy bug bites when it happen and I was pretty impressed that I managed not to dump it all over my  linen overdress.   Thankfully, I had the cooler to sit on for the rest of the weekend.

Morcant had fun because he got some archery time in.  He misses the Faires too, I think.