Morcant's First Brewing Project

So for his first project, he decided to try his hand at a melomel made with lemonade and champagne yeast.  So this is  really somewhere between a true melomel and a Finnish sima because of the sugar in the lemonade.  I am going to try to prove that its period to mix the two ingredients, but I am guessing it will take some time.

We started this with the Red Star Premier Blanc Yeast. You can use any wine yeast for the process but we are looking for is a dry mead.  We really don't enjoy sweet wines or meads. We are bottling this in 22 ounce beer bottles, when we are done so aren't afraid of a bit of fizz.

We aren't playing at catching wild yeasts for our brews.  I have a lot of different cultures going in my house and don't want my sourdough beasties to infect our melomels, because honey is expensive. I also am going to use modern bottling practices, because we want to share our brews with friends without making them ill.  I will try to find a couple of stoneware growlers for serving, but I am a safety gal.