Gearing up Again?

A while ago there was some hubbub about members who aren't able to get to events on some Facebook page, and it made me feel a little sad. I don’t feel like part of the group, but I do think that we are keeping up with stuff around here so that we will be able to jump in when it works for us. I focus on being happy with what we are doing instead of worrying about what we aren't doing.

 A lot of this doubles as work for me and I get to drink a lot of good booze, right?

I do feel badly that I have a perfectly good canvas tent sitting around going to waste, so on occasion we loan it out. Morcant’s back has been giving him problems this summer, so the boys helped him load it up, and one went with him to help him set it up for the bride. Watching all of that, I realized I have two pretty capable young men, so maybe we aren’t quite as incapacitated by Morgant’s travel schedule as we once were. With that in mind when I re-up our membership for the year, I think I will add the boys as family members. And maybe have some practice settings putting up the tent without Morcant.

Help me adorn my pretty princess tent!