Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cherry Melomel

We wanted to start a brew with something we had grown ourselves this time, but it was a little early for our cherries.  We decided to us some cherry juice that we canned in the garden last year. So once again, we have sugar in the mix, but honestly I don't particularly mind this when we are using fruit because that is the flavor I am looking for in the final mix.   So this has been fermenting for a couple of months now and we are bottling it up.  I am sure we will cheat and drink some early,  but we are going to try to be more patient.   If this turns out well, there will be a lot of cherry mead in our future, because I have a lot of juice that needs to be used up.

We racked and bottled 10-22 ounce bottles of this today.

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