Monday, June 6, 2011

Monthly Meeting of the Shire

Geneviève had fun learning how to make
 chain mail  at the meeting tonight.  
Tonight was the monthly meeting of our shire, Shadowdale.    I had our name documentations mostly in order, and so I was able to come home and fill out our name submission forms.   So pending approval, we are Ségnat ingen Fháeláin,  Morcant Hir and our 16 year-old daughter, Darian,  is Geneviève  d’Angers.   We aren't quite sure how we will explain why the 15th Century French lady is hanging out with us but she takes French at school and was interested in pursuing a French persona.

While, I watched Geneviève working on the chain mail at the meeting tonight, I realized that I am really going to have to figure out a way to connect her to workshops.  We are kind of winging it as far as learning  how to do things.  She is very much interested in the hands on aspect of the SCA.  

 I did find  that a neighboring shire, Deodar,  hosts a farble most Tuesday evenings and I heard rumors of  a Sunday archery practice which will make Morcant happy.    Hopefully, we will be able to ways to become involved locally; rather than having to travel all the time.   That isn't always practical for a family. 

It seems like most of Calontir is off to Lilies this coming week, but I didn't feel as though we were ready for an event of that nature.   I am thinking we might start with the Raid  or Trade in Des Moines, this July.  We are familiar with that site because our dance troup has performed at the Renaissance Faire held at the site in September. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting Started

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I hung out with some SCA-ers near the Dubuque area and  though it was a good time, the group disbanded and I never really looked for another.  I turned 40 this year and I decided that it was the year to  start doing some things I have always wanted to do.  It wasn't really surprising to me that most of my family was into the idea.   We've been into that sort of thing for most of the kids' lives.

We've always loved Renaissance Faires and all that comes with it.  I think Brower went to his first one before he could walk.  The boys have more wooden weapons than they can carry at one time.    For a few years now my daughter and I have danced with Habeas Corpus Early Music and Dance Troup for a bit.  We've performed at Renaissance Faires and local community events and met a few local members of the SCA through this avenue.   The concepts of garb and many of the Arts & Sciences are not new to me.   I've been sewing costumes, dancing and making my household items for years now.   We are also avid campers and I have a lot of gear for that; including an okay collection of feast gear purchased as props for the dance group.

My husband is into it, in part, due to the fact that he got a pretty new recurve bow out of the deal and will get to go to archery tournaments and the like.   He also likes the dancing although he is not as into the costumery as the rest of us are.  All of this has me hoping that we will fit right in, and the adjustment won't be too much.

My daughter and I went to a business meeting of our local shire Shadowdale and everyone was very welcoming and helpful.   We also saw a couple of familiar faces which was reassuring.

I feel like there is so much to learn though and it is really pretty overwhelming.  I started this blog  to sort this all out and keep all my research in one place, because I saw one of the other member's of our shire do it and it seemed very useful.    I've put our "household history" up for people to look at and give us suggestions.  I am waiting to join officially until we have this all ironed out and I think we are ready to actually be able to go to an event.